Kumudini Pharma Limited

Kumudini is the name for trust and care. For more than decades Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal (BD) Ltd. (KWT) has been serving people and the nation. The Kumudini Pharma Limited, one of the sister concerns of KWT, is an addition to that cause of the Trust.

Kumudini Pharma Limited was established in 1991 with the philosophy to produce life saving drugs and to help poor people of the country through distribution of the drugs at an affordable price. For long 7-8 years the company worked on research and product development and quality control. It went for commercial production in 1999 with a few products initially. Presently, Kumudini Pharma is operating as a quality pharmaceutical company with a significant presence in the market with 85 products. Kumudini Pharma had already developed a strong marketing network and popularized the pharmaceutical products to the patients and doctors because of high quality and professional services.

In recognition to its adherence to quality management in the field of production and marketing, Kumudini Pharma has been awarded with ISO 9001: 2008 certification in the year 2010.

KPL's professionals are devoted to producing new life saving products. Kumudini wishes to grow further with its pharmaceuticals to become a major player in the highly potential pharmaceutical market of the country.